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Ashley Park

Youth Meditation began teaching Mindfulness Meditation to the students and teachers at Ashley Park K-8 in the spring of 2018 and are still currently engaged. Principal Loftus invited us to teach 20 minute sessions to every class once a week for eight weeks and then invited back for 4 and 2 week stretches each month to continue the practice. Under Principal Loftus’s leadership, we worked collaboratively with AP teachers to adjust our program to suit the needs of both teachers and students. As YM instructors taught the children we also taught the teachers and now AP teachers and students know how to lead their own practice. This school was collaborative and open and the principal and teachers engaged.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for you and your amazing team, and the way that you have affirmed and taught my staff. We had countless kids using their breath today and everything felt so calm and grounded – hugely to your credit. We are so appreciative. Youth Meditation has made a powerful impact on the scholars and staff at Ashley Park. They have led meditations with each of our children in the last two years, and their practice has manifested in countless ways. Ashley Park scholars know how to breathe through stress, start their day strong, and own and control their thoughts and self-talk. In this way and in so many others, the Youth Meditation team has been truly invaluable..

Principal Meaghan Loftus, Ashley Park K – 8 School· Charlotte, NC


Sponsored by former Carolina Panther linebacker Na’il Diggs, Ranjit worked with students at Coulwood Middle School and Randolph IB World School to teach them the basics of mindful meditation.

It’s important to me, especially before and after games. After four hours of football, the adrenaline you feel is enormous. We get excited and anxious whether we win or lose. In order for me to go home to my family and my kids, I need to meditate to get in a better frame of mind.

We hope the program will teach students how to deal with their anger, fears and stress in a positive way. The students will learn a new set of skills they can use the rest of their lives.

Deb Kaclik, health and physical education specialist for CMS· Charlotte, NC

It was good. I was getting into it,” he said. “It relaxes you, makes you feel better. If you’re having a bad day, it takes the stress off.

Chris Latimer, seventh-grade student· Charlotte, NC

Charlotte Country Day School

Charlotte Meditation recognizes that the teaching profession has a unique set of stressors.  During the 2014-15 school year, we offered weekly Mindfulness Meditation classes as part of Charlotte Country Day School’s employee Health and Wellness programs.  Classroom teachers, administrators and support staff learned mindfulness techniques to decrease anxiety, improve productivity and nurture positive thinking.  We guarantee that, without even taking the class, the students benefited as well!

As a middle school teacher, there are many times when both my students and I feel completely overwhelmed with “Life.”  I found that attending mindfulness meditation classes through the Charlotte Country Day Wellness Program better prepared me to not only find that calm, still spot in my own harried life, but to bring that same message to my students.  The mindfulness lessons led me to understand how to take just a few minutes in class to longer segments later to become centered and more calm.  Using meditation both for adults and for youth is now an important part of my day, whether taking that time together or individually.  Being mindful has helped to save my day, and that of my students, many times over!.

Patti D, LA/SS teacher, 5th grade· Charlotte, NC

Alexander Youth Network

I was invited to teach the children and teachers of Alexander Youth Network mindful meditation. Alexander Youth Network provides quality professional treatment to children with serious emotional and behavioral problems enabling children and their families to exercise self- determination, achieve their potential, and find long-lasting positive ways to connect with their community.

During the time that Yogi Ranjit has worked with us we have seen a significant decrease in the number of aggressive incidents initiated by the children. These strategies give children and staff effective techniques that are easily utilized when they are overwhelmed by stress and/or anxiety.

Joe Heritage, Training Director, CTA Fellow· Charlotte, NC

A Child’s Place

This past summer, four of my trained instructors and I built on the work the Charlotte Meditation has done previously with the Alexander Youth Network and in Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools by teaching Charlotte’s homeless children and their teachers Mindful Meditation and Laughter Yoga at the A Child’s Place – My Place Summer Camp.

The students have really been enjoying the sessions. They talk about them all the time.

Your program is an amazing program and I definitely feel as though it is providing the students with various methods to cope with the craziness that the world has to offer.

Ms. Tiffany Lyles, 4th Grade Teacher, Camp Director· Charlotte, NC

Freedom School Partners

Our trained instructors collaborated with Freedom School Partners at The Grove to provide Mindfulness Meditation and Laughter Yoga to their student scholars and teacher interns. Through their summer programs, Freedom School Partners provide to low income children the resources needed to develop their potential and love of learning through literacy skills and character-building opportunities supported by a community that believes in them. Youth Meditation provided instruction in mindfulness techniques to calm their fears, anxiety and anger in order to develop focus and clarity of mind no matter their circumstances.

We really enjoyed them at the site! The scholars loved the sessions and many of them used those tactics to help them at home. They worked closely with the scholars and used very positive language with the scholars.

I think the meditation itself was great because it was a newer spin on what most people may think meditation appears to be. They gave very helpful coping skills to help our scholars work through anything that is currently upsetting them. The interns were also very receptive to the meditation techniques and helped the students to embrace the strategies that the scholars were learning.

Ashley Beatty, Site Coordinator for The Grove· Charlotte, NC

Athena’s Path and Hero’s Quest

Youth Meditation instructors partnered with Athena’s Path and Hero’s Quest for fifteen summer camp sessions to teach Mindfulness Meditation to their tween campers. Athena’s Path (for girls) and Hero’s Pursuit (for boys) teach social leadership skills to help tweens navigate stressful middle school situations and emotions, including anxiety, sleeplessness, sadness, disappointment, anger and frustration. Our team taught the tools of Mindfulness Meditation as a new option for calming emotions, to gain clarity of mind and to strengthen the ability to make better choices during adolescence and beyond.

The addition of Youth Meditation to our camp curriculum was an immediate hit with our teens, including the boys who were surprisingly receptive to the new ideas.

Each of the meditation leaders from Youth Meditation were excellent and invested in educating the teens. They did a great job of explaining how mindfulness and meditation can be used in the many stressful middle school situations and emotions, including: anxiety, sleeplessness, sadness and disappointment, anger and frustration. The kids were thrilled to have these new skills and would have loved the opportunity to continue their practice.

We believe that teaching our campers these skills at a young age will lead them to further practice and a calmer, more peaceful middle school experience.

Quinn Davidson, Summer Camps Director, Michelle in the Middle· Charlotte, NC

With the friendly guidance of Ranjit through meditation, I have learned to access a greater peace within myself, and find that peace when the activities of the day throw me off balance. With greater peace, I have a clearer vision of real truth, and what is genuinely important to me. With this result, there exists joy, and a much greater sense of purpose in my life.

Dr. Eric Cerwin· Charlotte, NC

I wanted to get better sleep and to have more emotional stability in my life. The meditation has been the piece missing in my life. I have been meditating for over 4 weeks now. I am feeling much better than I have in a long time. I feel more centered and am sleeping better. I am very excited about working with you.

John · North Carolina

Meditation has helped me focus and perform better in school.
I think it has really helped with my ADHD.

Mary Farmer, High school student

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