Mindful Parent

For Parents
Mindfulness Meditation for Joyful and Effective Relationships

Definition of relaxation: the state of being free from tension and anxiety
This eight-week course provides parents with the fundamentals to understand and practice mindfulness meditation both for yourself and your family. With practical knowledge and effective tools, you will learn to manage stress, reduce anxiety, calm the mind and connect with yourself and your loved ones.

What is Mindfulness?
Being in the present, on purpose and non-judgmentally. Paying attention in this way frees us of worry and anxiety so that we are free to be present and enjoy life. Scientific research shows that mindfulness is effective in promoting a sense of well-being by improving focus, clarity of mind, concentration, creativity and sleep for parents and children alike.

Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation for Parents

  • Improves connections with your children and your spouse
  • Promotes understanding and compassion
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Reduces arguing, increases understanding
  • Promotes finding peace and balance within and creating it around you
  • Reduces guilt
  • Develops mental clarity and creativity
  • Increases ability to focus
  • Expands self-awareness
Parent Programs

  • 8 Week Program
  • Each weekly session is 60 minutes
  • Presented in any setting – in your home, place of business or our studio
  • No special equipment or materials required
What We’ll Cover

  • Managing stress at work and at home
  • Effective strategies for reducing conflict
  • Strategies for effectively communicating with your children
  • Less stressful and more effective ways to respond when angry or upset
  • Improving connections with children and other family members
  • Benefits and practice of laughter