Mindfulness Meditation and Mentoring

For Teens and Young Adults

If your teen or young adult is dealing with stress, indecision, anxiety or just having trouble finding their self-confidence, we can help through Mindfulness Meditation and Mentoring.


  • Inner confidence
  • More joy
  • Clarity of mind
  • Focus
  • Better sleep

Course Content:

  • Mindfulness Meditation and breath work
  • Indentify the source of their personal stress
  • Methods to trust themselves and their inner guidance
  • Techniques for how to get good night sleep
  • Relationship building skills with self and others
  • Developing confidence, inner strength and resilience


This course is offered by Certified Mindfulness Meditation practitioners Guru Ranjit Deora and Angela Gala with a combined experience of 40 years teaching mindfulness meditation and mentoring teens and young adults in our studio and in schools.

The sessions are delivered one-on-one in our Charlotte Meditation studio or via zoom.

The first session is always complimentary.

This is an 8-week course with one hour long weekly sessions in our studio. It is designed to give teens and young adults life-long strategies for addressing anxiety, depression, worry, feelings of overwhelm and stress.