Darlene Morrison

 Darlene Morrison, a native of New York City, moved to Charlotte in 2006 with her son. Darlene has 27 years’ experience working with Individuals with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities, and within the Mental Health field.  She has worked with children in day treatment programs, implementing behavior management and intervention for adolescents with mental health diagnosis.  These interventions included group therapy, experiential learning, and recreation therapy.  Darlene currently works with a Managed Care Organization that helps provides families support to increase their quality of life.

Darlene’s practice of Yoga began in 2015 and led her to begin Mindful Meditation practice with Ranjit Deora at Charlotte Meditation in 2017.   While enduring several complex medical health concerns and complicated surgeries, Darlene embraced a daily practice of meditation on her own for a year.  Meditation allowed Darlene to not focus on her medical problems and provided a clear insight on healing of her mind, body, and spirit.   During this time it was very clear and important for her to share her experiences and share her personal journey with others to help assist with their healing.   Darlene continued to practice meditation with Ranjit Deora in 2018 and completed her field work with Youth Meditation.   Darlene has a passion for helping others and a desire to share her journey with others.

Darlene studied Human Services at the City University of Borough Manhattan Community College, Psychology at the City University York College, and earned her Masters of Science degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from the City University of Hunter College.