Ashley Moye

Ashley stepped in to her role as a mindfulness meditation instructor through a conscious choice to embrace a more fulfilling channel for both selfless service and lifetime learning than her previous career in law librarianship.

During her decade as a law librarian, Ashley maintained her own mindfulness practice and frequently promoted mindfulness and emotional intelligence within her profession as necessary soft skills for both lawyers and librarians.  After completing her Mindfulness Meditation Certification with Guru Ranjit, she began working for Youth Meditation as an instructor, sharing basic mindfulness practices as well as her own experiences with a wide range of young people.

During her own youth and on in to adulthood, Ashley struggled with mental health issues and associated trauma, and her own personal practice of mindfulness brought her access to unparalleled peace, balance and joy. As a result, she is most passionate about sharing these life-changing practices with individuals who are enmeshed in difficult and high-stress situations.