Angela Gala

comingSoonAngela Gala has spent the past fourteen years as co-owner of Rogers and Gala Creative Partners, Inc., a high -profile event production and design firm. During those years she has also engaged in public school advocacy through MeckFuture, Educating Change and as a founding member of the Gathering of Minds. Ms. Gala has a history of community engagement serving as a founding member of the TEDx Charlotte team, as Project Manager for Quasimodo – Art Project for the DNC and as a board member for NC Center for Arts and Technology Advisory Board, Advisory Board for Studio 345 and SAFE Alliance. Her passion for advocating for public education in a way that can generate social change led her to co-found Youth Meditation. Through her experience as an entrepreneur and community advocate, Ms. Gala believes in the importance of education and self-mastery. It is through meditation that children, teachers and parents can connect to themselves and find the peace and calm needed to create healthy relationships and generate an educated community. Ms. Gala received a BS in Marketing from the University of Louisville.

Angela has taught Laughter Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation in corporations, non-profits, universities and schools. Their belief in the need for a secular and universal presentation of mindful meditation prompted Angela and Ranjit to create the Youth Meditation program.