Ranjit Deora

ranjitRanjit Deora is our meditation master teacher. Joy and health converge in his lessons on Mindfulness Meditation.

A native of India, Ranjit is a student of the great Indian Guru Dhirendra Bhramchari whose students included Indira Gandhi. His approach is the discovery of the true self through meditation which builds confidence, self-esteem and good decision-making skills.

As a young man he walked in the footsteps of Buddha, visiting Buddhist monasteries and shrines in India and Nepal to learn and practice the teachings of Buddha. Ranjit has formed Youth Meditation, a non-profit organization, to offer a secular, non-religious method to access the benefits of this ancient practice.

He has been helping people experience emotional freedom, physical healing and increased spiritual consciousness since 1991 and is committed to improving the quality of life for children and teens through improving focus, reducing stress and increasing self-esteem and academic engagement.

He has been featured in Charlotte Magazine and interviewed by WBT, FOXTV, the Charlotte Observer and other publications.

Companies and non-profit organizations such as Bank of America, AT&T, Citi Financial, P & G (Procter and Gamble) and Laugh for the Cure have benefited by our corporate health and wellness programs.

His other teaching programs include Techniques for Relaxation and Stress Relief classes and corporate wellness training seminars for UNCC, Central Piedmont Community College and Wingate University.