Angela Gala

Angela Gala is Co-Founder and Executive Director of Youth Meditation and Charlotte Meditation’s Senior Instructor. Previously the owner of a prominent event design and production firm, Angela has been featured on the Today Show and quoted about event production by The Associated Press, ABCNews, MSNBC, and Bankrate. In the middle of her career she began studying and working in meditation with Guru Ranjit. In what could be a high-stress and competitive industry, she realized, through meditation, that she can be calm, focused, more creative and more productive no matter what else might be going on.

The impact meditation had on her work and family life brought her to want to share this practice with others, most specifically children. She is a mother of three children who are her most enjoyable experiment with mindfulness meditation.

Ms. Gala has been studying meditation since 2008 and has taught Laughter Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation not only in our studio but also in corporations, non-profits, universities and schools. Their belief in the need for a secular and universal presentation of mindfulness meditation prompted Ms. Gala and Guru Ranjit to create the Youth Meditation program.